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Originally Posted by jvanvliet View Post
lawns are turning chloric with all the N washed out of them; new hedge plantings we installed are close to drowning. The caladium and Ficus are thriving.

Got attacked by a swarm of bees nesting in a water meter box, I mean WT... in a water meter box? Suckers should have drowned! Had another customer mad; we didn't weed whack around the base of his ficus because of the nest with 1,000's of bees that took up residence there. When I asked him to join me and I would show him the nest... he grumbled and said to get it the next time. We sent him a written notice; the bees must be removed.

I'm seeing more honey bees and hostile hermit crabs (as big as coconut crabs burrowing 3-4" diameter tunnels) than ever before.

Good news is the weatherman is forecasting late morning and afternoon thunderstorms

too much rain is hard on business. While I sympathize with those without rain, there is always irrigation or should be. There is nothing that can be done about too much rain.

Maybe you should start harvesting the hermet crabs and marketing them on the internet to pet stores.

I know bees are a pain but they are vital to AG and they are on the decline elsewhere.
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