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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
Here's another one we did not too long ago with the Kichler LED. You don't like the color of the lights in this photo?

(By the way, this is with no lenses and no photo enhancement. This is the true color that came out of the Kichler 15742)

One important aspect of LED color is consistency across the beam. Not sure if it's an artifact of the photo, but if you look at the color of the square columns, you'll notice it changes from the bottom (edge of the beam - brownish) to the top (middle of the beam - more white).

It's easy to see this if you project the light onto a poster board. I've done this in our lab and the brownish-orangish rim is clearly visible (with some mfgs). I measured color temp across the beam and it changes drastically near the rim. This is a serious problem with lighting columns and light-colored walls.

The problem is evident with some chip mfgs. and is primarily caused by irregularities with, or presence of, poorly designed phosphor coatings on the chip. Keep in mind that many mfgs. save money by purchasing cheap chips.
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