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bermuda plugging experiment

So I bit the bullet and decided to plug celebration bermuda in my home lawn. Figured I would start a thread to keep track and hopefully get some tips and advice on how to help it fill in and look nice. The project was done on 6/98/12

Prep- lime per soil test and applied starter fertilizer.

Install - after going over different ways to do this we choose to rent a tiller and til "plant rows." We also went with larger plugs in hopes that after it has rooted that we could take smaller plugs and plant in between. We cut the sod into quarters so each piece is roughly 18" long by 9" wide. Depending on how things settle out I may need to topdress or fill in between the squares.

You should see 2 pics of before and 2 pics of after the install.

Care - I plan on fertilizing once a month starting in the next week or 2. I also want to apply some primo to surpress the veritcal growth and push it to spread. How long should I wait before applying the primo?

Pray for rain to help my irrigation bill!!!
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