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Originally Posted by SoCalLandscapeMgmt View Post
The other biggie is knowing when to say no thank you and walk away. Earlier this year we bid a 65 acre shopping mall. We met with the management, spent an entire day walking every square inch of the property, measured everything and then went back and plugged it all into our estimating spreadsheet. We submitted a price that we felt was fair and would allow is to do first rate work. The next day I went back and forth with the PM over the price via e-mail. He said our price was way too high and wanted to negotiate it down to what was basically below our cost. At that point I simply told him thank you for the opportunity to bid your project but I don't think that this is going to work out. The sad thing is that here in So Cal there are literally 50 other guys would bend over backwards to let this PM name his price and then proceed to do the work at a loss just to say that they have the job.Posted via Mobile Device
This is why people like me get excited to see post like Procuts. Even if the fools go broke, there are 20 more like them next season. It is just too darn easy to get in the business.

Nothing against solos but they mistake creating a job for themselves as being the same thing as having a business.

It is fine to leverage your own labor, working 60 hours a week like a dog, having your wife do the books, using your garage as a shop and all to get started. It just does not translate to having several employees or more, several maintenance truck rigs and such.
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