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Originally Posted by brichter14 View Post
Heres a dumb question though. Since I am currently using adwords and when somebody searches lawn care, lawn service, mowing etc in my area my add is top 2 on the page. So do I really need to work on my SEO if this is the case?
I'm confused by what your intent is for your site. Your opening post was asking what to do to improve your site's search engine performance, and you received very good advice from a few of us (that is quite simple to implement), and now you're asking if you really need to do this?

The simple answer is "yes", if you want low-to-no-cost organic search traffic to show up at your site. If you don't want to, AdWords will work for you, but you will pay for it. The goal should be to start driving traffic to your site, via AdWords, and then weening yourself off to good, organic (free) traffic.

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