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Originally Posted by Duekster View Post
Nothing against solos but they mistake creating a job for themselves as being the same thing as having a business.

It is fine to leverage your own labor, working 60 hours a week like a dog, having your wife do the books, using your garage as a shop and all to get started. It just does not translate to having several employees or more, several maintenance truck rigs and such.
Do be fooled that just because you have employees and a "reel" shop that you are a professional. Pro-cuts post is about knowing your costs, and knowing the business. You can be very professional and be one of the best in the business without lots of employees and big buildings to house them in. I have also seen large companies that do not have a clue what they should be doing on someones lawn. They don't last long on one job site, but they are out there, and are not going anywhere.
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