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Originally Posted by Gilmore.Landscaping View Post
Or you could just get a smart phone and have full access to all emails at anytime....

I hate having information in different areas, then when you go to look it up you can't remember if it was a text, email , whatever.
I have a smartphone, it's with me all the time. On my phone if I had the email app refreshing all day waiting for the leads, my battery would die before noon. not only that, but I'd get notifications from emails that aren't leads and I'd interrupt production time for a task that has no/limited potential of increasing my bottom line. This way I get immediate notification, I can glance at my screen and decide whether to stop mowing and call or just that my wife wants to say hi and see how my day is going.

Further, it adds several things to my web page. First, another method of contact, which I think is a good thing. They might email, or call, but I think this addition is one that people will appreciate. Second, I can track conversions. Third, it's nearly instant response to the prospect. people like that. hot leads are good leads.

Just having the tech is not good enough, you have to push to use it to its fullest potential, otherwise you are wasting resources.
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