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Originally Posted by new_homeowner View Post
Did you see all 23 pics I posted? I am thinking to direct the water to the drain in my neighbors yard no? Isnt that why there is a swale of rocks between the fences? There are shots of all the neighbors on each side. Let me know what else you need to see, I will take more. I really want to fix this the right way. Thanks for the reply.
Pictures are basically useless.

Drainage is now the one area I won't even do a free estimate for. Almost any one of the calls, is an on-site visit to determine if that's even the need, or related.

It's also the type of work where I think 90% of landscapers are over their heads to consistently deal with approaching effective solutions.


Here is my advice in a nutshell ...

Read >>> Drainage Advice Mega Page


When it comes to drainage, let's put the photos back in the file, and call an expert out there to take a look, or provide a plan on-site. It's hard enough to deal with on-site, let alone images.
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