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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
I looked the picture with the discharge side pointing towards the camera, on the Gravely deck is VERY clear that it doesn't have the rake that the Hustler deck does.

I'm looking at the top plate of the decks across the top of the discharge opening.

1/8" is not enough. 1/4" to 3/8" is where you should probably be.

Also a factor is the rear flap striper. That could be combing the grass up and giving you the stringers. Try removing it.
Yea, I see your point. It does look pitch lower in the rear. All I can tell you is my spiffy John Deere blade height gauge say otherwise. It would be so sweet if the deck can be corrected and the cut cleaned up. It blows my mind how much the surface that the mower is measured on can throw things off. After attempting to adjust it on my garage floor, I found it just to uneven due to tapper for a drain and just less than perfect floating when done. I took it to my neighbors who has about a 10 year old floor in his shop (much newer than mine) which looks super level and smooth to the eye, but even his floor changes enough to effect the reading from spot to spot. 1/8" is nothing.
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