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Originally Posted by patchoulipal View Post

Why did you not tell us what your $ offer was in your settlement resolution? Please refresh on how many trees and what the offer actually was.
My feeling is the amount of the offer was meaningless since they could have offered me 5 times more and based on the fact the offer has no legal teeth I'd have to reject it. When I discussed it with them they are simply not willing to place in writing that I would be guaranteed to receive the compensation within a set timeframe, not months, not years. Also, they have it worded so that they can make payments instead of one lump sum. On top of that they are unwilling to send me all the compensation but want to take part of MY compensation for the damage and give it to a thrid party for tree removal. No way. And, the amount didn't include the progression of more death to more trees and plants that were not beyond a category 2 at the time of the last visit. So, the mount simply has no meaning. I used to want to know how much people were being offered to get an idea on how much to expect, but now I realize it doesnn't matter since the amount I'll get through litigation (or real settlement) is a WHOLE lot more. It's no wonder that when they called me to notify me that the offer would be sent to me in 1 to 3 weeks that they quickly sent it overnight when I told them that it was probably going to be too late since I was considering retaining legal counsel. I was very nice on the phone and laid back, but they know the money difference is big and rushed this to me. Their offer is a waste of time for my case. I have a lot more expenses now and they won't budge on certain things. I'm done with their process.
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