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Originally Posted by Starbuy View Post
My attorney has given me some clearance to pursue doing some media on this issue in my area of Ohio, so I may do so unless others beat me to it. Seems there's more Imprelis stories getting attention in a variety of states through the media and more are finding out. There are some people who have watched their plants dying this year and are just finding out now what is causing it. Seems like most of the LCOs that are members here were good about notifying all their clients about the potential Imprleis problems once they realized, but unfortunately there have been some very bad LCOs that tried to hide the facts. One even told their clients that the damaged trees were from insects and convinced them to allow removal before the homeowners found out it was from Imprelis. Can you imagine the lawsuits that guy is facing?
I thought the same thing, can you imagine not being honest and your clients finding out? I would think that would be a reason for a lawsuit against the lawn company. Big difference in knowing and telling and knowing and hiding it.

Just came inside, was looking at my Weeping Willow. Its turning brown and curling and dying from the bottom up. Something else I noticed, we have no frogs this year. Was always taught frogs were the sign of a healthy environment.

Todays the 12th and nothing from Dupont. My hubby doesn't want to hear about it cos its depressing to watch everything we worked so hard to plant and nuture, die.

I read the 85 pages and Kentucky has a golf course in the suit. Not much on our news, yet.
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