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Cindy, the sudden lack of frogs this year in Imprelis damaged yards is something that should be studied. We have noticed the same thing with our property and my neighbor's property which was the one where Imprelis was used May 2011. We both have ponds and have always had frogs and toads making their sounds at night which was enjoyable and soothing. This year it is silent. This is very strange. We also have lost many of our favorite birds who have called our property home each summer and made their nests in what used to be thick trees which are now dead. They came back after winter only to find they can't live in those trees anymore, so they are gone. It's amazing how different animal species become affected when their habitat is damaged by such a blunder as Imprelis. This is just one more facet of our enjoyment of our property, besides the obvious visual landscape effects, that needs addressed in court for each case DuPont will face going forward.

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