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Star, did your plan say what the care program consisted of for damaged trees? I was told by the arborist if they took it up into the roots, they would die. Same as in that suit you linked. If there was something I could have been doing, would have been nice to know a year ago.

Still no offer, I just watch the original trees get more crispy and new damage come up on the others. I called the hotline and I'm still in the final stages and then I have to counter offer with the additional damage and wait again and then no timeline for when I would get my checks.

106. The damage Imprelis has caused to trees takes a uniform pattern consistent with
Mr. Siebenthaler’s conclusions: The DuPont-manufactured poisons are carried up through the
root systems and into the trees’ extremities, which proceed to yellow and curl — the first step by
which Imprelis kills trees. Explaining that “there is little to do to counteract its effects,” Mr.
Siebenthaler described Imprelis as a “death sentence” to trees that have taken in the herbicide
through their roots. Id. at 2.
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