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Originally Posted by cindyb View Post
Star, did your plan say what the care program consisted of for damaged trees? I was told by the arborist if they took it up into the roots, they would die. Same as in that suit you linked. If there was something I could have been doing, would have been nice to know a year ago.

Still no offer, I just watch the original trees get more crispy and new damage come up on the others. I called the hotline and I'm still in the final stages and then I have to counter offer with the additional damage and wait again and then no timeline for when I would get my checks.
The 'care compensation' for trees and shrubs that were listed on the site visit as category 2 or 1 is a joke. I only had one listed that way since all mine are toast (not including others now showing damage that were not evaluated in the last visit), but that one had no hope of recovery to begin with and has since gotten worse. Even the Davey Tree arborists that was hired by Stericycle on behalf of DuPont in September said all of them need replaced since none would make a recovery. I'm not even going to bother wasting my time to counter their offer unless the attorney recommends it and I somehow doubt they would recommend. Plus, they didn't want to compensate for any other trees that may become affected in the next 2 years, but only to hire someone to come out and remove and replace (with smaller if they are full grown big trees-not sure how they would try to compensate). At least that's the way the offer reads to me. The whole thing is a cheap-junk-lowball-no legal recourse for me if they don't pay in a set time - type offer. Complete rubbish. If a few folks are getting some checks who accepted and were happy with the low offers then good for them since they are easily satisfied. Some don't feel much impact; like one couple who had 2 devil strip trees that were planted by the city. They accepted the offer and in the meantime the city had already removed them, ground the stumps and replaced with smaller trees next to them. I wonder how long those will last. That couple seemed happy, but still haven't gotten a check yet. But, they just paid under $50 to the city for each tree and they're done with it and now waiting for the small compensation. Hope they get it.

Those of us with more damage and migrating damage are not done adding up the costs as more plants are affected. And DuPont wants my counter offer in 30 days?! I just discovered that the Imprelis has now spread under my driveway and is migrating to my rose garden. The hedge of boxwood around the rose garden now is showing damage and places that have no new growth. Those took years to grow and form a formal solid square hedge around my rose garden. I kept them trimmed to create 90 degree angles and an even flat top. The next migration point will hit my 60 foot red maples and huge Austrian pines. I really hope that doesn't happen. There's just no way I could ever sign their offer since I've got some serious migration still occuring. Summer is just getting started. From what I was told, DuPont's own research submitted to the EPA shows potential half life in soils, where sunlight doesn't penetrate, for possibly 19 years.

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