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Originally Posted by BINKY1902 View Post
Just a comment on cut quality of the X-Factor: I've put 350 hrs on the 52" X-Factor on the 152, and have tried pretty much every blade arrangement. There is no comparison to the factory high lifts that come on the machines for my grass types in the south. I believe the part number for the 52" deck is 00450300. I found that the secret is the pitch of the blade. They actually angle down, or pitch down, from the center to the end of the blade. This puts the blade tip closer to the bottom of the deck and makes a huge difference in cut quality. I've used Oregons and Stens blades, and they are flat all the way across, and do not cut nearly as well as the factory blades. The factory high lifts also stay sharper longer than any blade I've tried. They have a very short cutting surface, but they cut much better than the oregons I've tried that have the elongated cutting surface. I have no idea how the deck performs in northern grasses but down here the cut is awesome with the factory high lifts.
I ordered two sets of factory blades and agree 100 percent. I have also noticed the x-factor loves sharp blades. After two days of cutting I sharpen the blades and thats pushing it. With my scags I can go three days. I still feel the x-factor has the best dry cut and second best wet to the velocity.
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