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newbie demos

Originally Posted by pfd27 View Post
Ok I went to the only place in 40 miles that handles commercial grade lighting. They did not carry a demo kit. So we made one up. 120 watt xformer 2 bullets one post and 2 flat mount lights. They did not have any well lights but for demo purposes I thought one of the bullets would work. If not let me know please. Now the only thing I have questions on are the bulbs/lamps themselves. Any suggestions. And how long of runs should I put on each demo light. I figured I would put female plug ends on the xformer and hard wire the lamps with 50 feet or so of wire with male ends on that? Do I have to worry about voltage loss with that configuration?
Again thanks for all the help
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First off, you don't necessarily need a well light because you won't be digging a hole just to demo one. You might, however, use a bullet or get yourself a PAR 36 lamp and use that just to demo...

Where are you located that you have no distribution?

You really should check out some of the national multiline distributors like California Landscape Lighting. You can use male / female ends or just simply use some wire nuts. Don't worry about voltage drop etc... again.... simple demo kit...

start out on your own house.. and see what effects you can create by putting light in different places..... remember.. try to avoid putting any fixtures within a grass area because they will most likely get destroyed over time.

Good luck

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