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Originally Posted by Cedar22 View Post
I have owned since new (a long time ago!) a Hahn Eclipse 21" self-propelled mower with the larger rear wheels that are "cogged." The are driven by smaller "cogged" gear wheels driven by the 3.5 hp B&S engine. Everything runs well and there is a lot of life left in the engine and mower. PROBLEM: The rubber "cogged" treads on the rear tires are dry and starting to disintegrate. They are approx. 15 and 3/4 inches overall diameter. I have read through all the posts and am not sure if these are the same tires (or spoked wheels) discussed, but I definitely would like to locate a source for the hard rubber "cogged" tires or the entire wheel and tire unit. When the "clutch" lever in engaged, the engine driven small "cogged" sprockets engage the rear wheels and drive the mower forward. Any suggestions? Feel free to email me at Thanks, Cedar22
Our Hahn Eclipse mowers might be different. My rear wheels are 10.5" x 1.75" and shown in Post #1 and the mower itself in Post #7. Miller had mine, but that was six years ago. If they don't have yours, I doubt if you'll find what you are looking for
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