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I am a new contributor--individual homeowner in a homeowner's association in Columbus, OH. We have a lawncompany that is handling the claims process with DuPont. We are one out of approximately 20 homes in our small area. We had the most damage of all, and there were only 2 other owners that noticed damage and they live on either side of us.

We first noticed damage to a Norway Spruce less than a month after it was sprayed. (5/11) Later we noticed damage on one other Norway Spruce, and our Vanderwolf Pine. In the month between the spraying and notification, we unknowingly planted a large Honey Locust. We also noticed minor damage to arbovitae, Prague Viburnum, and smoke tree.

The first Norway is completely dead; the second was about 1/3 damaged, and has tried to recover this spring, but still looks obviously damaged and misshaped. The Vanderwolf had about 6 tips damaged, including the top--this year the damage looks a bit worse, but other parts of the tree have put out some new growth. Both latter two trees are growing at a slower pace than usual. The viburnum began to recover last summer, and did much better this spring. The arborvitae seem unchanged--no growth, with little pale green twisted tips on some. The honey locust completely died, and we had it replaced as it was still under warranty. (We took the risk of going this route, but did document prior to that this spring).

Now for THIS spring, we noticed our 3.5" 12' tall Jap Maple came out with cupping leaves, some smaller leaves, and dieback. It appeared unaffected last year. An arborist with Davey Tree came out and said it was herbacide damage. The LCO stated he didn't think it could possibly be Imprelis. Since then he has agreed to replace it this fall, because he is so frustrated in dealing with DuPont, and is afraid another claim will just slow down the process for him and other homeowners. We've agreed by email. Since then, we have had a small, Japanese Pink Snowbell completely die--new growth and new blooms dried up that were small and not fully developed.

I am pleased to have found your forum, as it is the first time I have located anything online that addresses the claims process and NEW damage this spring. Claims have been filed for all trees except the Jap Maple and the Snowbell. It's just SO tiring, and we hear absolutely NOTHING from DuPont.

I agree there needs to be more national attention to this, and I plan on looking in to that.

I'll keep reading......thanks!
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