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Has your condo association approved DuPont's offer already or have they not received the first offer yet? If they have not approved it yet, I strongly suggest you all may do much better and have more future security in regards to true compensation for future damage, if they retain a law firm that's specializing in these cases. But, as long as your association already has it's own attorney then maybe that will lead to DuPont dealing with your association directly with your attorney and getting a better settlement that actually has some legal teeth in it that requires DuPont to compensate within a set time. Right now, most of the resolution agreements (that don't involve the homeowner having retained legal counsel) don't seem to have any stipulations that DuPont must pay within any timeframe if you do sign. Yes, rejecting Dupont's offer leaves out the LCO and he would only get money for removal and replacement from your association paying him out of the settlement (when that is reached using an attorney). By only going through the LCO and approving DuPont's first offer then there may be less compensation to your association. This is what I've seen happening with other homeowners associations where the LCO's is trying to take care of everything and then expecting DuPont to pay him for parts of the work and then the association usually gets less. This is just a suggestion of something to inquire about with your board members.

Remember, the counties and cities that own golf gourses already have attorneys retained. Many have district attorneys employed full time.

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