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Originally Posted by M&M Mowing View Post
I have found an Oregon Blade that is 20.5" long 3" wide high lift that cuts better than the factory high lifts due to the increased lift. With these higher lift blades I have noticed almost no straggle pieces left uncut. The discharge is improved, still not as good as a 7 Iorn in wet or taller grass. My deck is set at 1/4 of an inch lower in the front. The X factor does not have more overlap than any mower on the market, the overlap would be close to one inch, the same as a Dixie Chopper, Bad Boy, Exmark etc... any 60" with a 20.5" blade. I think that the discharge opening on the X Factor needs to be larger to get a little better clipping dispersal. I have removed and re-installed the little baffle on the discharge to see if it made any difference and it did not. I have noticed in taller and wet grass that there are two different discharge streams of clippings, the first is the grass that comes out of the front of the discharge and the second is what comes out of the rear of the discharge where the baffle is. I have noticed this is where the clumping happens only in wet or taller grass.
M&M, What's your blade part # for the 3" high lift? Is it a straight or humped blade? Is it notched? I talked to Dennis at Oregon and he found some 2.5" but didn't have any luck in a notched, straight, high lift in 3".
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