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Recall - Paging PJ


Got a recall letter today for the vent fittings. I had one pop out on me last year and had it replaced at winter servicing. Is that the problem being recalled? That they pop out of the hole and take an elephant sitting on them to reseat?

Our records indicate that you are the owner ofone or mor€ Hustler Turf Equipment mowers afected by a
MANDATORYS AFETYU PGRADEt o replaceth ev entfittins(s).
In coopemtiown ilh theU .S.C onsumePr roducSt aferyC o rssron(C PSC)E, xcelI ndustdesln, c.
(manufactueor fyour mower)) sr ecallingth €f ollowingp roducts:
Model Serial number Range
Sport \01203'7'7 12054999
FasTml l0l2l0E2 - 11120946
FasTrakSuperDuty 10091717-11121566
Hustler X-ONE t0090'165- 12022041
SupeZr 1010901- 71 2054999
Trimstar 11033546 12054999
Hustler1 500 1006284-5 1 1081604
It hasb eend etermii€d tbat a potentialh azaJdc ould exist on someH ustler Turf mowers. Gasolinec ould
leak fiom the taDl and pres€nt a potential fire haz
Whrt YouS houldD o: Stopu singy ourm oweri mmediatelyD. o not opGrat€th € moweru ntil th€ vent
fftting(s) has been replaced. Pleas€c oDtacyt our deal€rt o schedulea n appointm€ntt o get a fr€e vent
fitting upgrade. Log onto ro locatey our dealero r nearestd eaLer.
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