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Originally Posted by Lightningllc View Post
Mark. I know alittle of what is going on. And I kinda have a inside source there on equipment.

I am so jealous of DJ he has the most professional setup.
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Yes, his equipment is top of the line.

But when we have the unemployment in the state that we do, and continue to hire H2B instead of permanent residents, I have a major problem with that.

When one regularly prices work at 40-50% below the competition, even lower than what I would consider low priced companies, I have a problem with that.

He is just another Brickman\John Allin\whoever that will decimate pricing wherever he goes. And has. Then tries to make up for it by upselling constantly.

Originally Posted by Lightningllc View Post
Rumor has it he's coming down by me.
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Good luck, get ready to drop your prices, because it will happen. Your pricing will go backwards 5-10 years.

So for me, I'd rather run some older equipment and maintain pricing while putting Americans to work than have a top notch setup that has been built on minimum wage, imported employees.

On edit, I am happy with the size company I have. I have no desire to be the biggest in GR or MI. I can also walk without fear through association meetings.
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