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Hearing DuPont reps meeting with law firms this week to try to settle early on some cases are not willing to compensate properly and therefore firms getting ready to play hardball big time. I'm glad firms aren't caving to lowball offers. They know what's at stake. Does DuPont really want a homeowner like me in front of a jury? And what about all the expert witness scientists like AIRCORP, or LCO's who've been hurt by this? Does DuPont really want to see them in court speaking to a jury? Fine by me. I would love the opportunity! At least then I'd have a guaranteed timeframe of when to expect the actual check in hand which is what I can't get with their direct resolution process. They won't even compensate me for the utility lines that must be removed and retrenched (over $2000), electrician permits, etc. They expect the measly 15% to take care of all that and more including damage to property value. Plus, it's STILL MIGRATING and I've got more damage and that may continue past the statute of limitations which may run out in less than a year from now (2 years from application). I have no choice, but to head to court.
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