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Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
No laughter. Looks quite good. You used a planting container of sufficient volume made from fairly heavy ABS, you provided support for the small urn and a grid to support the decorative rocks. For a 5 foot urn the OP will need more reservoir space and considerably more support.
Nice photos, btw!
Thanks. The whole thing was my first attempt at such things.

I could have gone out and bought one of those "kits" and been done with it, but I wanted something unique, and we wanted a blue pot, as we were planning a "blue garden" for that section.
I built the wall as well...

I want to say it was 6 years ago that I built it and it hasn't moved. (PA winters) Every stone is solid. I enjoyed building it, but it's a lot of work doing it by yourself, so that's why I stick to mowing and such.

Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
You can get a piece of copper pipe and slide over that black bubbler for a classier look.

I searched ebay for vaults today and couldnt believe the prices.

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Thanks for the tip!!!
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