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Originally Posted by Richie@ View Post

All of the charts and power point are very Informative but take 2 Bullets 1 with LED the other with MR 16 20 watt and aim them at 2 of the same objects and you will see a color difference , MR 16 will show a better color.
Please understand the gravity and truth to this statement. I purchased over $1000 worth of integrated led fixtures from Volt (their TM 20 and 35 line), and the color output is a problem. They claim 2800k, but they don't look anything like halogen 2800k. It is a shame too, because i combed tons of forums, reviews, and blogs before I took the plunge.

I finally asked them to swap all of them out for their mr16 uplights, and they were gracious enough to oblige (since they are already installed and thus in eligible for exchange). But before I rip them out, I might try filters to get the desired warmth. It's a really tough decision because I know LEDs are the future, but I don't want to spend every night coming home to lights that I don't like..

@JimLewis, you are dead wrong to say that color output is subjective based on our previous experience with halogen. We've had fluorescents forever now, and nobody except my father in law thinks that color is appealing. The problem with most quality LEDs in my experience is that they haven't gotten rid of a slight greenish hue that isn't present with a regular halogen.

So I think Richie's statement needs to be fully addressed by the pros. Because I'm not happy with my LED landscape lighting, and it isn't because my taste has to evolve.
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