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Originally Posted by starry night View Post
I am astonished to hear your opinion. I, too, tried some of Volt's Infinity integrated LED fixtures. not 2800K? They looked more like 2600K to me. (And my pro photographer agreed.)
They were way TOO WARM for the application I intended them for. They looked too yellow on the sandstone facade I was trying to light.
I finally found a use for them on some white painted columns of another project where they looked appropriately warm.
Too yellow is not very descriptive. To me, a landscape 2800K should be a warm orange, with no hints of green or blue, but no hints of pink either. It's all about sufficient, balanced color.

I'll refer back to the Cree color chart that Jim posted:

I was expecting output in the small blue circle from the volt TM 20s. Instead what I'm seeing is a varying range in the aqua area. The most important takeaway is the hint of green that bleeds in at those levels. It really throws everything off. Now I am not necessarily saying their lights are actually in the 3300-3700k range, but that is where the green happens to start showing on my monitor in the same quantity that I am seeing with the Volts.

And these aren't the first LEDs that I have with a touch of green hue. My undercabinet kitchen LEDs have the same thing. The only LEDs I've seen that do a great job of eliminating the green is the Cree CR6 - very natural output. Most people talk about the cold blue color of cheap solars or LEDs, but substituting with green (even a little) has the same effect, just not as pronounced.

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