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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
yes. i do underwater repairs in pools and when chipping and drilling plaster the vac cleans, filters and returns the water to the pool. saves time since a can see clearer, the water is not wasted which saves money and the customer can use the pool as soon as i leave and not wait 24 hours or more for the entire pool to filter.
this idea stems from seeing a pool service company use a commericial port a vac during spring start-ups.
used pool pumps are easy to come by free as are cannister filters.
you need to rewire the pump to 115 vac. buy a set of gator quick couples, a couple pieces of iron and a hand truck.
i use the gators on all of my pumps so i can use any suction and discharge hose on any pump.
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Looks to be ideal for the circumstances that you described, but the Pond-Vacs cannot do any more than a cursory cleaning of a pond, they WILL NOT clean gravel without the intake clogging. Now I see that some company has introduced a commercial Pond Vac.....price tag?.....$4,995.00. Hell, buy two.
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