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Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
Looks to be ideal for the circumstances that you described, but the Pond-Vacs cannot do any more than a cursory cleaning of a pond, they WILL NOT clean gravel without the intake clogging. Now I see that some company has introduced a commercial Pond Vac.....price tag?.....$4,995.00. Hell, buy two.
not to be arguementitive but having too little faith in a products capabilities sight unseen is just wrong.
if a gravel separator would be required then it would need to be fabricated. pond builders are plumbers of sorts and i assume that persons on this forum are both creative and adaptable. gold dredges have product separation by use of venturi. the same may be possible vsing a screen and a wye or some sort of difuser.
i understand that my vac works in my situation and would need modification to be used in yours.
the issue is not if it will work but how to modify it to work for you
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