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Prowler Diamondback Tracks

We've been running a different set of tracks on our miniskid for over a month now.

We bought our ditch witch sk650 with the factory narrow (180mm) aggressive pattern. We do a lot of work that involves transporting and/or working on existing lawns. We found these tracks to be much to aggressive. Even driving in a straight line would leave dents from the lugs. Turns had to be very wide to prevent skuffing (plywood for the sharp turns).

We went on the hunt for turf friendly tracks. We were looking for something more along the lines of a dingo style track (smooth). The least aggressive track would could find for this machine is made by Prowler Manufacturing. It is their "diamondback" pattern.

We went ahead and ordered a set in the wide option (230mm) to lower ground pressure. We had to widen the undercarriage of the machine, which was not too difficult of a task.

The new tracks are VERY turf friendly. There are not "lug dents", only laid over grass. To my surprise, one can make a sharp turn on established turf without damage.

You might think with such a gentle track pattern, traction would be in issue in some circumstances. We have found these tracks to have excellent traction. Perhaps not quite as good as aggressive tracks in some instances, but we have not had a problem.

I would highly recommend these tracks.

The only concern is longevity, but only time/use will tell.

PAVEMENT VIBRATION: We had hopes that these tracks would reduce the horrible vibration/chatter when operating on pavement. These do not solve the problem. We believe this comes from the grooves in the tracks (the ones that allow the sprocket to grab) as they roll under the rollers.

Old vs new:

By ryangall at 2012-06-12

Widening the undercarriage:

By ryangall at 2012-06-12

On the machine:

By ryangall at 2012-06-12

Excellent traction while digging up a steep slope:

By ryangall at 2012-06-12

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