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Originally Posted by turner_landscaping View Post
Just a question but how many water features have you done? There is no way a bubbler water feature should take 3 guys to build.. one guy four hrs max if you know wat you are doing.. thats y ur bitchn bout component prices cut the number of guys in get quality parts.
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How can you say that when you don't know site conditions? I have a 3 man landscape crew, so I bill out for an entire day for them to come on site for a job. I can't just lay off a couple full time guys for a day... at least I don't operate like that.

But the job will include a small stack stone wall, piping an autofill from a hard to access point, and mobilization of materials. $1500- $1800 sounds a little cheap to me. I have estimated material cost to be around $800 for the stone, stack stone for the wall, mortar for the wall, bubbler urn/water feature, autofill, liner, vault, plant material etc. I might be over estimating my material a bit, because I don't do water features every day, but I would rather be safe.
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