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Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
When I use manufactured components, it is done so because I know that a considerable amount of research and engineering have gone into the development of that product with the result being that I am confident that the product will generally meet the needs for which it is designed. That is not to say that I will not improvise on occasion.

The idea of using less than ideal materials for a project in order to increase the profit margin is unquestionably UN-professional and results in the customer being made as the sucker for paying for something of lower quality than they had bargained for.
Again...I don't have a dog in this fight...but...I agree with this...but would like to place emphasis on the underlined statement above.

I have seen many poor quality but expensive "pre-packaged" specialty items that were for dummies that had no ingenuity or knowledge as to how to make a superior product on their own.

So, while I don't build these things a hidden heavy duty plastic reservoir is still a hidden heavy duty plastic reservoir...and in terms of professionalism...I for one WOULD THINK it would be very professional for a quality builder to use substitute items that are of equal or superior quality but lower cost...IF (and only if) they also passed a significant portion of those savings onto the customer.

This way a customer can get a NICER unit for the same amount of money OR an equal unit for less money.

As long as quality doesn't suffer AND there is no dishonesty, then there is no lack of professionalism.
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