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Originally Posted by STL Ponds and Waterfalls View Post
Settle down..I'm not trying to be rude, but you have to admit it's a crazy looking setup. Now that you have described it and it's uses I think it's pretty damn cool since you fabbed it yourself. If I offened you I apollogize.
Nothing like a little Clint Eastwood quote to shake the tree!
No offence was taken. personally i would like to know how small the rock is that you are speaking of. i began using a 18/24 vlt cordless to clean out irrigation valve boxes and the sprinkler forum laughed, now a few of the guys are using them.
i have been pouring concrete foundations under old forest service cabins for years and a shop vac does quite a bit of my excavation in tight areas that were near impossible to clean well.
as far as vacing a pond goes there are plenty of diffusers, strainers and baskets availible that may or may not work. we have the technology to fab anything. maybe i would like to give this a closer look this winter.
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