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It's basically the default contractor fixture of choice down here. I would say that you see the 5016 bullet here about 5 times as much as any other small directional bullet. Vista 2216 would be the next in line, but it's a distant second. Little bit of info...

1. That price is terrible, you can do MUCH better (Let's just say if that is the 7 watt LED, the price is more in line).

2. Hadco is a philips company, I have had great experience with them instantly warrantying any product issues on the spot, no questions asked.

3. The 5016 is a generic base model fixture. It doesn't have any fancy bells and whistles, but it's quite durable, two large O rings do a pretty solid job of keeping it water tight. I have seen plenty of these fixtures in the ground that are over 10 years old.

4. The fixtures base screws into the stake and has an adjustable nut that allows you to self tighten once you are comfortable with it's alignment. (Something Vista still has not seemed to give a damn about.)

1) Fixture comes with a 3 ft lead, if you are used to 25 foot leads, this is a con.

2) Hadco ships most all of their fixtures with starter lamps, I have been complaining about that and they are generally pretty good about listening.

3) It's a very generic fixture. Personally, I love this. It doesn't stand out, it's very bland looking, but it's not ugly. Honestly it blends into most landscapes very naturally.

4) They are a little suspect about allowing water in when downlighting.
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