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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
Yeah i am trying to find a cheaper option to quote out at the same time i quote vists halogen and vista led.

I bought 10 hadco's for 22.50 shipped. If i can do better than that somewhere, let me know!
Probably not a good idea to openly discuss what you paid for them, I was just trying to warn you about that price you were looking at on the site you displayed. But in full disclosure, yes, you are doing pretty darn well at that price point (it's beating mine on 5016, 616 is a different story).

Short follow up on Hadco LED since you are doing some comparing. I have been very pleased with the color and performance so far. It's a drop in, but if it fails hadco replaces the whole fixture (I haven't had any failures yet). Im still a little confused about why they do that, but I have had a few people try to explain it to me and some of it is logical but seems a little paranoid.
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