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Originally Posted by Doug Price View Post
nice job on the pulls brotha. Gonna put my truck in the sled pulls here soon. pretty excited to see how she does. I didnt know you have EFI live on that truck. thing sounds awesome.
Thanks I pulled the sled at yankee this weekend havent seen ya there in a few weeks hopefully I will catch ya there sometime. Yes I got efi back in march with a 4" turbo back exhaust I kept the muffler on I am not a huge fan of straight pipe right now
Originally Posted by McG_Landscaping View Post
Looks good brad. Also happy birthday (again)
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Thanks Scott!!
Originally Posted by MikeRi24 View Post

Brad I think theres something wrong with your truck....its smoking a lot! hahahaha thats awesome man you DO have a nice truck! Makes me miss my diesel truck every time I see yours!
ya right before that picture I hammered it and blew the boost tube off so it was blowing smoke everywhere so we stopped made a video then put it back on haha
Originally Posted by Arena landscaping View Post
Hahaahha my parents run my company to its hard because they always hold me back.
My parents don't run my company at all. It the beginning they were always trying to tell me what to do but I still always made my own decisions. Now that they see what I have done they never say too much but they do give me advice on somethings and I ask their opinions on some things which has helped me a lot over the years but every decision is still made by me.

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