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Originally Posted by bebyb View Post
Was there any advantage to having a four stroke over a two stroke?
Back when I bought it, I needed one quick, and I didn't have near the amount of 2 stroke stuff that I do today, so I wanted to try a 4 stroke which would mean I wouldn't have to have so much mixed fuel sitting around going stale. While it is quieter, it is heavier, and also while Stihl 4 mixer's are very torquey, the one you are looking at isn't nearly so much. Mine was designed for using normal use with .095" line but it would have been much better off running .080" instead power wise- if you run any other type of line besides round that is.

Overall, it was a great little trimmer for part time use, but if you need one for all day type trimming, of the two you are looking at get the Echo. No valves to adjust, lighter, revs faster, less moving parts in the engine to wear and/or cause trouble, and responds faster to a load being put on it.
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