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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Unless something has changed, I believe that the Troybilt is still made by Ryobi for MTD. /QUOTE]

Ryobi is a rebranded Homelite. MTD, who actually had the Ryobi brand for a while, no longer produces the Ryobi units and parts.. well.. the common ones are still out there as far as filters and fuel line kits, but much more than that and.. ppfftt.
Ryobi is an actual brand, or at least was. They were around for a looong time before MTD got involved. I was buying Ryobi power saws down in FLA back in the early '80's for a lot less than what you could get a Makita or Milwaukee for back then, and they lasted just as long.

I bought my Ryobi trimmer long before I ever saw any Homelite, CC, or Troy Bilt trimmers in any stores around here, and when I finally did see those brands start showing up, they were exactly the same units with different colors and labels.

MTD was the US distributor for them for a while, and maybe even owned them, I can't say one way or the other on that. I know I used to call Ryobi directly here in the US when I needed a part or something.

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