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Originally Posted by bebyb View Post
Thanks! I just put that Echo on there as an example. The Home Depot has about 10 different models of Echo trimmers. My max spending limit right now is about $275. Would there be any other Echo models that you would recommend for that price?
Yea, it's orange in color and called a Husqvarna! For $249 at Lowe's you can get the Husky 223L, and it is one sweet trimmer. I love mine, and I use it all the time. Plenty of power for almost any type of grass trimming except really tall, thick weedy crap. It only weighs 9 lbs, has a 24.5 cc engine and 1.01 hp. Best feeding, easiest to load trimmer head I've ever used too (outside of the speedfeed head). To top it all off, it has an outstanding rep for reliability. For another $30 bucks ($279) you can get the even better 323L with the same engine and weight, but 1.2 hp and a solid drive shaft.
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