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Originally Posted by cgaengineer View Post
I've had one problem with a fuel pump that I can only think was from ethanol...first pump (mikuni) lasted 5 years, second pump (rotary) lasted 1 month, third pump (mikuni) has been good so far so I can only think that the first pump that sims decided to dissolve one day had had enough...the second was inferior plastic not designed for alcohol and the third being OEM is again designed to handle alcohol fuels.

Zero problems with other equipment and I but the cheapest fuel I can find...I am not fuel brand loyal. I use no additives in any fuel.
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My mechanic loves ethanol. He said it is great work for him as it causes the rubber inside fuel pumps to swell and stop pumping.

Then again, he loves Ford's 6.0 POS diesel because that brings a lot of work his way too.
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