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Originally Posted by GMLC View Post
Consider it a blessing in disguise. If you already ordered the beast im sorry....
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To be fair, GXi told me to reject the shipment if there was ANY damage during shipping... there is a somewhat minor dent in the side of the deck, which shouldn't be all that big of a deal. It's too close to the blade and shouldn't be operated unless it's repaired/replaced or pulled out.

I did as GXi told me, and rejected shipment...

The problem is that the Yellow Freight driver wouldn't take the pallet(with mower on it) back into his truck. He left it on my front lawn where it still sits.

My frustration is that I get no return calls from Yellow Freight and I've been calling GXi constantly and they keep saying it's Yellow that needs to pick this up.... I have left many messages for an update and no one calls me back. when "I" call customer service, they are very nice, but haven't solved the problem. This is all started last Wednesday (13th)..

.... and I just learned that GXi hasn't sent me a replacement mower!!! ... they say they won't do that until they receive this dented one back... .. yet no one will pick up this dented one.. and I am out my money and have been instructed not to take the dented one off the pallet.

... the most frustrating thing is that every time I call GXi, I ask them to call me back as a courtesy to keep me updated... yet I get zero calls ... I keep having to call them and they just are not acting (I assume they think this is Yellow Frieght's problem... what they don't understand is that it is ME, their customer, that has the problem)

... the Sheriff's department has been by twice, many neighbors are pissed at me and potental theives keep coming by to scope it out... yet I'm told not to move it by GXi.
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