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Originally Posted by Patriot Services View Post
That's a deep dent if its contacting the blade. I would tap it out myself than go through all the drama.
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My guess is a forklift operator got overzealous and rammed right into the side of the pallet before picking it up. I've seen it happen dozens of times.

It's almost touching... maybe 1/4" clearance when the blade is rotated by hand. It just needs to be fixed before letting those spindles get wobbley

I considered tapping it out myself, but GXi's pre-arrival letter said this:

We would like to emphasize a few key points when your unit arrives:
 The product was in perfect condition when it shipped. It was inspected and verified the day it left.
 We ship on a specially designed pallet to protect the deck and hydrostatic drive system. Please contact GXi if the unit arrives on a damaged pallet or a different pallet. We have included a picture of how the unit is packaged for shipping and how it should arrive to your location.
If at the time of delivery you see any damage at all, please reject this product and have the freight carrier return the unit to GXi.
 Before signing off for this unit, remove all packaging at the time of delivery and thoroughly inspect the unit.
 If you accept this product you are acknowledging it was received in a condition that you are satis-fied with. Any damage other than manufacturing defects is your responsibility upon acceptance of this item from the freight company.

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