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Well, after 6-days of waiting and numorous calls, Today, I actually got a call back from "Marty" at Yellow Freight who says they'll pick up the mower today...


I also received a call from "Maritza" of GXi, saying that Yellow will pick up the mower and they are "Doing paperwork" to get another mower out to me.


I know what you all are trying to say.... I'm just going to try to give everyone involved the benefit of the doubt. This problem I'm having it not a design issue (other than the pallet they ship on), .. it's more of shipping problem with Yellow and a driver that didn't want to reload the mower when I refused it.

I'm going to give this mower (once I get it... and I hope they rush the "paperwork") a fair chance. I'm going to follow the owner's manual and maintenance schedules and see if they have a decent product. then I'll put an honest and unbiased review of my experience with it here.
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