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Originally Posted by JustinHayes View Post
Well, after 6-days of waiting and numorous calls, Today, I actually got a call back from "Marty" at Yellow Freight who says they'll pick up the mower today...


I also received a call from "Maritza" of GXi, saying that Yellow will pick up the mower and they are "Doing paperwork" to get another mower out to me.


I know what you all are trying to say.... I'm just going to try to give everyone involved the benefit of the doubt. This problem I'm having it not a design issue (other than the pallet they ship on), .. it's more of shipping problem with Yellow and a driver that didn't want to reload the mower when I refused it.

I'm going to give this mower (once I get it... and I hope they rush the "paperwork") a fair chance. I'm going to follow the owner's manual and maintenance schedules and see if they have a decent product. then I'll put an honest and unbiased review of my experience with it here.
Sounds to me like your problem has nothing to do with anything you mentioned. Your problem is buying a mower without a dealer. This would never happen if you went to a dealer. Any piece of power equipment can have issues or problems. If you had bought this from a dealer, your problem would have been solved the same day.
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