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Originally Posted by JBLandscaping11 View Post
Amazing work and equipment. So now you have 2 trailers and trucks? please explain your crews to me, it would be appreciated(:
2 trucks 1 trailer. The other small (5x10) belongs to me dad. I will more than likely be buying another trailer before next season starts.

I've been able to get by this spring and early summer with some hired help and tons of help from my dad (Just FYI I'm married and have my own house, but my retired father says he'd rather be out working than sitting at home, i can appreciate that idea). So as of now i only have one crew (myself, part-time hired help, and my dad).

I bought the second truck because it was a deal i just couldn't pass up plus it's proved to be extremely beneficial having two trucks, Especially with the multiple banks that I do, makes hauling mulch easier.
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