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Do not roll the lawn it will only compact the soil which will only cause problems and require you to aerate the lawn.

The lawn is bumpy?

How is the lawn bumpy?

From ruts, moles, erosion, traffic wear?

Or does the lawn have a lot of empty spots that act as mini pot holes?

They will make the mower bounce as you go across the lawn also make the lawn feel uneven when you walk on it.

Best thing to do is to use a core aerator that leaves plugs on the surface of the lawn. Don't remove the plugs. Just let them break down and mow as if they are not there. They will disappear in a week or two.

Then top dress the lawn with a 1/4 to 1/2 of compost.

Also you need to seed the lawn after the aeration and before the compost is put down.

These three things will help even out the lawn. Areas that are lower then 1" will need to be filled in with top soil before you aerate, top dress, and seed.

Many landscapers don't own aerators or top dressing machines so they rent them. Being your 14 you will have to have your dad help you with the machines and getting the correct amount of compost and seed and starter fertilizer. Good time to do a soil test to see if the ph is correct as well.
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