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Originally Posted by tadpole View Post
More info would help. Is this a pond? What is the maximum depth of the water at the location of the wall?
What type of substrate is this wall built on? What is the maximum height of the wall? Is there any water movement, wave action, evidence of bank erosion?
This is a pond at a private residence.
The depth of the water at the deepest point is 2'.
The wall is just stacked on sandy dirt from what I can tell, the area where the wall collapsed had only sand underneath so I am assuming that is true for the whole wall.
The wall is 2-3' tall.
There is no water movement, no waves, the area as some erosion due to the wall being down.

One more this spring we had excellent rain fall, but it filled the pond to the point where the rock walls were completely submerged. That was very rare though.
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