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So just coming home and finding a little sign doesn't cover it.

Kentucky law

(3) At the time of application of lawn chemicals to a lawn, an applicator for hire shall provide the following information to the customer, either homeowner or landlord, for each lawn chemical used, and shall record and maintain at the business address the following information relating to the application of each lawn chemical:
(a) The brand name or common name of the pesticide applied;
(b) The pesticide type;
(c) The fertilize rate and analysis;
(d) The reason for use;
(e) The concentration of end use product applied to the lawn, the rate of application, and the total gallons of end use product applied to the lawn;
(f) Any special instruction appearing on the label of the lawn chemical product applicable to the customer's use of the lawn following application and any other precautionary or hazard information appearing on the label as applicable to the end use concentration;
(g) The name and the state applicator license or certificate number of the individual actually making the application;
(h) Customer name, address, and date of application; and
(i) Total area of lawn treated.
So that would be for each treatment not just when you sign the contract?
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