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Originally Posted by STL Ponds and Waterfalls View Post
OK I rebuilt 2 ecosystem ponds at the same home. One on each side of a stair case. They are almost identical in size IE: depth, waterfall build, etc. Both are in the 400-500 gallon range, same skimmer and pump, pipe etc. The skimmer is a Pond builder crystal 8" rated for 4800 max flow. The pumps are Anjon Big frog pumps 3000 flow. Although the pumps have been rerdesigned this year without stands on the bottom, just caged pedestals.

The problem is one is staying cloudy and the other is crystal clear. The cloudy ponds skimmer doesn't seem to be skimming correctly. The top of the water entering the skimmer is still, while it has an under current.

I just don't understand this problem. What am I overlooking?
What you are observing in the cloudy pond is the result of high organic content. All bodies of water have a biofilm on the surface of the water called the Neuston. Under certain conditions, this biofilm becomes fairly thick, microscopically speaking, but gives the impression that the water is not moving. The water IS moving, it is the Neuston that is almost immobile. Many times this will occur after a heavy rain as a result of run-off. It usually clears itself within a short period of time. Fish spawning can also contribute to this phenomenon.
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