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Originally Posted by Tanum View Post
The question was ment to provoke a theory that if there is no market there is no insensitive ! I wouldn't go as far as branding a whole nation of people's. Thieving people are everywhere, just look at the jails... anyway its not going to stop. All we can do is slow them down by making it too difficult to rob from us..
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Your premis is based on fantasy rather than reality. " if there is no market there is no incentive"?, are you implying that because his equipment was secured to his trailer out side that it was his fault it was stolen or should all thieves just take what they need hence no incentive?. Since I live and work in realville I have no issues with saying where nearly all stolen equipment ends up sooner or later, like you said thieving people are everywhere. I believe the owner of the stolen equipment did the best he could to protect his property.
I do hope he will be able to recover the item that was stolen.
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