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Originally Posted by AWJ Services View Post
Most of the people recomending a small skid just do not understand why someone needs a Stand behind machine. The skid would be at a serious disadvantage productivity wise on anything but grading. To me it is a must have tool for a landscaper. I use a SK350 a bunch. It is a real powerhouse and is great for everything but lifting. I do not like Boxers/Toro style controls. I prefer the Ditchwitch style. Demo a sk650. That is a nice machine.
I agree with you. I have pretty much the exact same setup you do. TL140 and 3 wide track dingos.

If need to do some grading or pick up pallets I use the big machine. For trenching small even large irrigation systems I use the dingo. Its also nice for harley raking 3-4 pallet job because you can see exactly what you are doing. Boring under drives, you can just walk around and without shutting off hydraulics. Augering holes, you can walk around and look for pipe/wire damages. I think an asv would wear your knees out getting up and out so much.

ASVs are neat machines, when I had one, the squirrel cages wore out, the hydraulic motors leaked, had to replace bearings in the bogies, the mufftler is like $500, perkins motors aren't as good as kubotas imo etc

I think all mini's are pretty close to equally productive. Just get the one you can get the best deal on that is tracked.
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